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An annual eye test should be an essential part of everyone's annual health care plan. In addition to the early detection of serious and sometimes hidden eye problems, complete eye exams can also play a critical part in maintaining one's general health. During your appointment, we will not only test for your eyeglass prescription but will also screen for ocular diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration. For a thorough eye examination schedule an appointment with Dr. Roma-March today.

Please bring your care card, list of your medications, your current prescription eye glasses and an interpreter if needed. Your eyes may be dilated so please bring sunglasses for your comfort.

Yes it can. We offer a variety of services, including an on site optical lab, proper detailed eyeglass fitting and measurements as well as repairs. We can help you with all your eye care needs today! Let one of our professional staff help get you into the perfect pair of contacts or glasses that is right for you.

Absolutely. Eye health does not only affect adults. Young children, who find it difficult to effectively communicate eye disorders need to be tested too. Common problems that affect children are eye turns and lazy eyes. It is important to treat such conditions early. A delay in diagnosis and treatment can lead to permanent damage to your child's vision.

Diabetes can cause complications in your eyes that may not affect your vision. This complication is diabetic retinopathy which, if not diagnosed early enough can cause permanent vision loss.

As part of a comprehensive eye examination, Dr. Roma-March may put drops in your eyes, please bring sunglasses for your comfort.

Yes a contact lens fitting and evaluation is different from an eye examination and is important to determine the contact lens that will best fit the size of your eye.

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